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Purchased as a gift for a true animal lover.

She love'd it and even more that the purchase helps animals.

Poop bag LOVE incoming!!

I didn’t know I needed this til I had it in my life. A poop bag holder that completes me. I absolutely hated carrying a warm bag of dog crap around while on a walk. I needed both hands free to wrangle my puppy and then Yucky Puppy showed me there’s a better way. I live that it clips to my belt loops, I love that it zips up and comes in such a fun fabrics. Major love all the way around. Thank you!

Yucky Puppy

Great !! I love not smelling or carrying a bag of dog poop. Makes my walks more enjoyable

Excellent product XL Dog Waste Bags

Excellent product. These XL Dog Waste bags work very well.
I LOVE how it helps shelter dogs as well.
Had outstanding customer service.

Big dog mom loves Yucky Puppy

These bags are wonderful🤩 Kodiak is a large Malamute and hauling a thin, plastic poop bag around for 3 miles is smelly, and the bags are always in danger of breaking.
Now I place the bag in our Yucky Puppy and there is no smell, no danger of breakage, and I am handling a cute purse that all my dog walking friends envy❤️

So glad these exist

Exactly what’s needed for poop pickup on a long walk with no garbage cans

Great product for dog owners!

I purchased the Yucky Puppy bags with a bit of skepticism. I am so pleased to say that I can hold yucky bags full of poop easily until if I find a trash bin. They easily snap around a leash, are lightweight, and smell-proof! Whenever I see a dog walker try to leave a full bag of poop along a trail (with the intention of picking up later) I show them you PawZaar holders. I’m on a mission!

Winter WonderWalk Dog Poop Bag holder

Nice design, blocks the smell, easy to use, holds the "output" of more than one dog and quick shipping!

Cute and practical solution

I love these bags. They’re a simple but cute solution to the problem of having to hold on to a full poop bag when you’ve got a lot of walk left to go. Just clip the bag to your leash, plop the poop bag in it when needed, and you’re set!

Love these poop bag holders

When you have two dogs it is nice to have a place to put the poop bags so you don't have to carry them in your hands. I love the design, they work great.


These make handling dog poop so much more convenient! Sealing it in this bag during walks leaves me hands-free and allows me to smell the fresh air, not poop, for the rest of the walk. So glad I bought these!

Great for taking on walks with my dogs. I just attach the bag to the leash and I like that it not obvious I’m carrying bags with poop in them. I would definitely recommend.

Works as advertised!

The yucky puppy bag holders have been a godsend. We don’t go on a walk without ours. Great alternative to holding the poop bags in your hand.

Love it!

My mom, sisters and I walk our dogs and seems like one of us always ends up with poo in our pockets! These clever little bags have fixed that problem! Thanks for the simple and cleanly solution@

Great idea!

As soon as I saw these, I ordered them! So tired of switching coats and not having a stash of poop bags in the pockets, so I bought these to attach to the dog leashes. No more carrying full poop bags around by hand, and these bags also eliminate the smell. Cute designs, too! I keep clean bags and hand sanitizer in one bag, and used bags in the other. I also bought extras to share with friends!

Pretty and keeps the stink enclosed

What a great product I don’t know why I didn’t find this years and years ago!!!

Handy Product

I really like these poop bag holders. They make carrying poop bags a little less gross. They also make carrying poop bags less obvious to people you come across on your dog walks. They look nice and won’t break open accidentally and don’t look like you’re carrying a bag of dog poo! Just the type of product I would envision before I discovered these!

Awesome Bags!

These are so perfect for taking my dogs for their walks. It's inevitable that my dogs will poop every time we take a walk, and I absolutely hate carrying their poop bags. These poop bag holders are amazing! I just hook them onto the handle of their leash, and put the poop-filled bag inside of these stylish bags. If you don't have any poop bag holders yet what are you waiting for?!

cute bag

It is a cute bag but does not keep the smell in. I will use it for storing the bags that are not filled with poop.

I love this product. I just attach it to the leash on neighborhood walks or my pack when hiking and stash away any stinky poop bags. Very convenient!


This is a super bag. Cute and functional to hide all the poop inside especially when out on long rides and runs with the dog.

I love this bag!

I purchased the crossbody dog walking bag from PawZaar and it is perfect. I bought it to replace one of the generic Amazon ones that didn’t have enough space for my phone. The PawZaar bag has ample room for my phone (iPhone 12 pro max). I love the clear compartment which allows me to check messages and forward/reverse podcasts without having to remove my phone from the bag. The center compartment has a space for poop bags but also plenty of room for sunglasses, trail mix or other odds and ends you may need. The cross body strap extends at least a foot more than most so there is plenty of room for larger folks to wear it comfortably. The magnetic treat pouch works well and makes grabbing treats a breeze. The materials are quality. I am very impressed with this bag and highly recommend it.

Same as picture

Order looks just like the picture

Two pocket bag

This item is great. I keep new bags in the smaller compartment and use the larger pocket for the used bag. Much better going on a walk without everyone knowing what I’m walking around with.

Great product!

Since I take very long walks with my dog, this has come in very handy!