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These little zipper bags are the best for our dog walks. No more carrying around two plastic bags full of waste. I zip them inside the bag which hangs from the leash handle. Works great. Thank You

Tiger's Eye Paw Bead Stretch Bracelet

I love this bracelet!!! I bought it for my mom for her birthday. I am sure she will love it, too!!!

Azure Paw Stretch Bracelet

I really love this bracelet!!! The colors are so beautiful!!! I also love that it shows my love for animals with the paw charm!!!

Green Aventurine bracelets

I love this bracelet! I bought one for my mom for her birthday and one for myself. I am sure my mom will love hers, too!

Amazonite bracelet

I love this bracelet! I bought it for my mom for her birthday. I am sure she will love it, too!


Love the products very much ❤️

Wonderful Pin

A wonderful pin that you show off how you feel about pets.

Cute item

I loved the charm I ordered. The chain however was very thick. I plan to hook the charm onto my purse and will find another use for the chain. I love that the locket opens and will enable me to pit in some momentos of my cat who passed away recently. You might consider a way to make the charm lighter so the chain does not have to be so heavy.

Paws on My Heart Charm Bracelet

Excellent service and product!

I was SO happy with how quickly my order was filled and by the excellent quality of the items! (Two pins and a bracelet)

This is made strong fits great just have new phones I have a pink glitter case so it looks great Sticks great to !also acts like a stand for the price it much cheaper then say Apple Store or a phone center Cat mirror is also rally cute small enough for a very small purse thanks Paris for the cookie cutters a huge surprise Remember we also help dogs and cats as we buy something!

Awsome bracelet

Lovely packaging, wonderful colour and lovely details. I love it!

Be the Change watch

I just received my Time to Be the Change watch in black. It is so much better than I expected. I love it! I may have to go ahead and purchase the purple one too.

FLoating Charms

Worked out fine. My wife liked it and was very impressed.

I love my new bracelet, it’s great quality & I loved the way it was packaged. It came quickly after being order.
I love the fact that the purchase helps sponsors the care of a homeless dog or cat waiting for a forever family.

Everyone what's my flooding necklaces it's my family plus my dog lol

This is very different not the junk Amazon and stores carry its smooth and made well even my picky daughter loves it lol really we can made bracelet all day love but I feel the of of the help hands who made mine 3 of my Mother's Day gifts Ingave to each person who rescue a old dog they are not rich made my husband is' to happy as I hand off my best bracelet to a person who cares to bring in to their home a forever dog or cat so spend your money for the locket fill it with love don't lose it was think does trumps wife have one lol Margie Mi We have much flooding in our state take care of our earth be for its gone Gods coming for his animals soon lets stand together and close Puppy Mill down forever they are killing our dogs across this great countryWe have 4 coyote in back yard scares me the kill baby deer all night last night Dnr is not doing its job in Michigan

Love it it's my family plus my beautiful border collie !photo copy righted

Yesterday I was in the hospital getting a much need test the locked was on my neck along with a holly cross ,as each nurse and 2 doctors looked at the locket they said they loved it for a gift for a friend mother sister etc .love toget that for my my wife it's different were did you get it I forgot the Internet address !hate hospitals only service dogs lol this is so pretty a gift for that great human with a open heart! I took off one of the bracelet from pawzaar and gave it to a nurse she has her first puppy a rescue with one eye gone it was attached by a different dog in a bad home and they didn't want, it not sellable! She almost cried a I am out one more Mother's Day gifts for me lol can't do some jewelry it itches no problem this this it smooth and well made no sharp edges etc so spend your hard earned money lady's and gentlemen as this company cares for dogs and cats with some of the money a outstanding service ! pure hearts job well done. Kyrie puppy likes it too she likes the new noise on my neck she knows it honors my husband me 3 kid and her birthday in November chain goes over the neck ,no hooks also the key ring looks nice I have mine on a Trainning pouch not keys also well made.In the world of as money makers a lot of Internet stuff is junk !I made bracelets at one time beads are no so cheap hope they do morgeti spell it pretty not shined up to much the cook book is neat as I spent 50 to made healthy treats for my forever dog it I would stop doing great reviews for a fantastic business who put animals and people before the big dolloar In care and grace Margie pray for the animals they need us before God come and takes all of them back home!what would we do with out fur! Express spelling not sleep for days!Oh mu Kyire needed a bath today !please chip your dogs spayed and neuter we are killing millions of God animals they are like trash .some people and then we have Pawzaar that try to save just one more !now we're is my dog brush? lol

Giddy up!

The red Cowboy Dog Bandana was a hit with my grandson and looked awesome on my grandpuppy! Love it!

Pretty green made with loving hands plus it helps the poor dogs and catsuit

Outstanding care and packing they care all thing I ordered came neatly package we'll make green bracelet is a soft green! looks great not a junk job hand made with love our pond lol really must be all the rain!


this was purchased as a gift for a friend who runs a rescue group and she was thrilled with it .. its the purr-fect gift for any cat mom but for her it was even more!


i bought this as a gift for someone who runs an cay rescue group here in NYC and gave it to her this weekend ... she was over the moon ... pinned it right on ... rescue groups, people who foster til cat or dog are adopted are very special people and your pin let me show my appreciation (along w/a donation) to show them just how much

Fun aromatherapy for my car

Well made, love the colors.

Fun to to see all the neat Christmas gift I will be making all the dogs in our family

What a great thing you to for all the homeless dogs and cats God blessing toto all you help do so much thank you willow a little kindness goes a long way in this world

Dog Cosmetic Purse

This compact cosmetic purse is perfect for on the go last minute items you need. It's cuter in person than online. I absolutely love it!