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I love them!

I wanted a washable bag to hold poop bags so I won’t have to carry them for the rest of the walk, and these are perfect! I recommend them to anyone with a doggie!

Convenient for long walks

Just right to snap onto the leash when we're going on a long walk and our dog might need some water on the way.

Great idea just needs some upgrades.

The retention strap snap is... weak! C'mon, a plastic snap?!? Also, strong poo smell still present when in this Yucky bag and zipped up... no smell is the whole point to us. Still cool and we will continue to use ours until they are lost after the cheap snap breaks. Maybe we'll buy the new improved ones then. :D

Paws on My Heart Charm Bracelets

These bracelets are very cute and comfortable, wearing one now.
Thank you.

Great product. Grateful every time I use it.

Great bags!

I love these bags! These are perfect for when we go on walks around the neighborhood where there isn’t a trash can available. I wish I knew about these sooner!

Great purchase

I love these bags! Great for walks and especially hiking.
Thank you 🤗

They work.

I have 3 dogs I take camping and hiking. Love my yucky puppy poop bags so much nicer having a pretty bag hanging from my back pack then a stinky bag of poop.


I haven’t tried them out so really can't give a good opinion. They just seem so thin and I can’t believe they would hold any moisture or odor. But I may be wrong.

Great product!

So glad I purchased- so much easier to carry.

Love the bags!

We love our Yucky Puppy poop bags! They seem to be very well made. The zippers work effortlessly and the snap holds very securely, even when I put something a little heavier like my keys in the "clean" side of the bag (we got the one with TWO zippered pockets for just a few dollars more.) I really like this so you can easily put other things like the extra plastic poop bags, your keys, or hand sanitizer, etc. in the other side. Especially when you're walking and don't want to have to take your purse and you're wearing yoga pants with no pockets! The bag is plenty roomy enough and we did not detect any odor! I love to cute little aqua / light blue bag with the cute little black and white doggies as seen in our second picture, but now I see they have the adorable little starfish print bags that are just perfect for summer and the beach!!! So we'll have to order a set of them too! We don't need four bags, but we will give the others to friends so they can see how wonderful these little bags are and spread the word too!

Winter Trees Dog Poop Bag Holders (Set of 2)
Handy and great odor masking!

I often walk trails with my pups and it’s nice not to have to carry the smelly poo bag in hand. I hook it on the leash and I’m on the go!

Great Product and Customer Service!

These are perfect. Allows me to keep a hand free while walking the dog vs one hand on the leash and one on the poop bag. They're cute and mich more discreet than carrying the bag. My original order got lost in the mail and the company quickly and efficiently addressed the issue. Highly recommend!

Such a great thing!!

I can't tell you how happy I am with my Yucky Puppy bags!! I have 2 lil puppers that can poop a total of 2-5 times on our daily walk and my Yucky Puppy bags make my life so much easier. Very convenient to scoop the poop in a plastic bag and then just drop into my Yucky Puppy bag!! I am tickled to be doing this review to let the company know how grateful I am!!

Yucky Puppy Spooky Dog Poop Bag Carriers (Set of 2 Bags)

Neat little pouch for carrying full bags. It snaps right on the leash. Happy with my purchase.

Great bags

Great little bags, love the double zip, keep the clean bags in one and don’t have to carry the dirty ones. Would recommend

Awesome bags!

We love these bags - a great way to hold the messes. So glad we found them! :)

Winter Trees Dog Poop Bag Holders (Set of 2)
Super Handy

These bags are cute and handy. Easy way to carry empty bags and hide the filled bags while walking.

Exactly what I wanted!

I have been looking for a dog walking bag like this for several years and they have been weirdly impossible to find. This has all the features I want, and seems extremely well-made. It came VERY fast and even had a personal note from the company owner. I am so happy I decided to purchase this.

Awesome bags

These are such a great idea that I don't know why everyone doesn't have these! It is so much better than having to carry bags of poop around in my hand and it's nice that now you don't even see them! Highly recommend!

Great bags

Love these. Sometimes my dog does her duty twice and it’s nice not having the bags fall etc since I have them in here till there is a garbage can or I’m home. Love these, use one to keep bags and other things.

Yucky Puppy Spooky Dog Poop Bag Carriers (Set of 2 Bags)
Great product

I am a huge Halloween fan and grabbed my spooky yucky puppy bags. Love the button loop feature, great size and love having 2. One stays at home for my girl, the other goes with me for my dog walking business. Will likely buy as gifts this coming holiday season

Yucky Puppy Dog Poop Bags definitely "a must" to have!

Love these Yucky Puppy Dog Poop Bags! Awesome alternative to finishing all those long dog walks holding the filled poop bag! Every dog walker should have one. Well made of good quality fabric, completely washable and easy to attach to belts, leashes & backpacks.