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Sterling Silver Paw Signet Ring

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    Years ago, we were strolling through some of the smaller streets of Rome, and I hopped into a tiny jewelry store near the Pantheon. An hour later, I came out with a very special ring that I wear to this day: a wide Roman coin ring.

    That ring came to my mind as soon as I saw this .925 sterling silver ring which can be worn by men or women. Instead of a Roman coin or a family crest, this ring bears a far more important symbol to pet lovers: a paw print.

    Stamped in the top of the ring like a proud crest, the symbol of our pet's love is as eternal as those that feature ancient coins.

    • .925 Sterling Silver
    • In whole sizes only
    • 16mm across the top of the ring
    • Sold in our recyclable PawZaar gift box, made in the USA with 100% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content.
    • Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of this item are donated to help the week's featured shelter or rescue!
    • Free U.S. shipping


    Category: Jewelry, Rings

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