Island Sunset Dog Collar

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We started watching for the green flash on our first Caribbean trip. Each island sunset found us on the beach, willing that split-second natural phenomena to appear.

Although not exclusive to the Caribbean, the green flash is certainly the Holy Grail of many island travels. Under certain meteorological conditions, a green sizzle occurs on the horizon at sunset. Science explains this as the refraction of sunlight through the Earth's atmosphere. Islanders have a more romantic explanation: couples who witness the flash are guaranteed true love. Novelist Jules Verne even claimed that "he who has been fortunate enough once to behold it is enabled to see closely into his own heart and to read the thoughts of others.''

On our island travels, we always search for the elusive green flash. Like Linus in the pumpkin patch, we maintain our sandy vigil at sunset on every trip. Conditions must be perfect -- no clouds, no wind.

The moment of truth comes when the sun touched the horizon, when it seems to flatten as it slides beneath the darkening sea. Then, just when the last slice of red disappears, a sudden afterimage, one last green finger of light, flashes. So brief but yet so perfect.

The beauty of those island sunsets is perfectly captured in this Island Sunset Dog Collar, handmade in Hawaii, a place where they certainly know a thing or two about sensational sunsets.


  • SMALL: for dogs with 7-12" neck size, weight 5-20 pounds
  • MEDIUM: for dogs with 11-16" neck size, weight 15-35 pounds
  • LARGE: for dogs with 14-22" neck size, weight 35-80 pounds
  • X-LARGE: for dogs with 18-28" neck size, weight 70-150 pounds


  • 100% cotton
  • Quick release plastic buckle
  • Stain resistant
  • Machine washable; air dry
  • Handmade in Hawaii, USA
  • Every gift includes a card featuring the photo of a shelter pet whose kennel the PawZaar community is helping to sponsor! 

Customer Reviews

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This product was the perfect size and looked great on my dog's! It was also a great price.

Great collars!

I had ordered the Sunset collar in the small width for my cat. It was a good fit, with nice vibrant colors and material that wore well, no fraying like most I've had due to scratching claws. She lost it on one of her outdoor adventures and I knew I had to get another. And since I adopted a new kitten, my one eyed flame point Siamese with a beautiful blue eye I had to order him his own collar, the Caribbean Blue! Beautiful collars for beautiful furbabies!! Thanks Pawzar!