Caribbean Blue Dog Collar

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You return to your resort room after a leisurely dinner. The day of sun, sand, and surf -- not to mention the three-hour meal -- have you looking forward to dropping your head on the pillow for a few moments of recalling your perfect day before you dose off.

You open your door and there, atop the crisp white linens of the bed, sits a hibiscus flower, better than any pillow chocolate. Plucked from the bushes that line every resort path, the bloom is as attractive to you as it is to the butterflies and hummingbirds that it lures throughout the day, a symbol of island beauty.

That hibiscus pattern decorates the Caribbean Blue Dog Collar. The hibiscus rests in multiple tones of blue, just like the multiple shades of the sea, perfect for providing a touch of summer to your dog's next outing!


  • SMALL: for dogs with 7-12" neck size, weight 5-20 pounds
  • MEDIUM: for dogs with 11-16" neck size, weight 15-35 pounds
  • LARGE: for dogs with 14-22" neck size, weight 35-80 pounds
  • X-LARGE: for dogs with 18-28" neck size, weight 70-150 pounds
  • 100% cotton
  • Quick release plastic buckle
  • Stain resistant
  • Machine washable; air dry
  • Handmade in Hawaii, USA
  • Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of this item are donated to help the week's featured shelter or rescue!
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