#PawPromise Donation Program

Ten percent of the proceeds from all our PawZaar products go to benefit our weekly shelter and rescue partners!

Every week, we select a rescue or shelter nominated by a member of our community. We highlight an adoptable dog and cat of the week on DogTipper and CatTipper, while we showcase the shelter here on PawZaar.

Rescue FAQ

Does my shelter/rescue need to buy anything?

Nope, not a thing! We sell directly to consumers and handle all fulfillment.

What types of shelters and rescues are eligible for the #PawPromise program?

Any non-profit dog and/or cat shelter or rescue is eligible to join.

 How will I receive the donation?

We’ll send the donation to you via PayPal or your preferred payment method.

Along with the donation, what are the other benefits of the #PawPromise program?

Your Adoptable Pet listing will remain a permanent part of DogTipper or CatTipper, including information about your rescue (with links). We will be actively promoting the Adoptable Pet listing every day throughout the week on our social media accounts (nearly 300,000) and in our newsletter (14,000+). Our social shares will tag your rescue, not only building awareness of your efforts but also building your social media accounts. With every item sold during your week, we’ll also be including a flyer of the week’s Adoptable Dog and Cat of the Week with contact information for your rescue when we ship the order.

Do I need to share a coupon code?

 No; you’ll receive 10 percent of the proceeds for the week for every order regardless of whether you sent the buyer to the site or not.

 Where will our Adoptable Pet be promoted?

 All pet posts are promoted on our Twitter accounts (@dogtipper, @hollywooddogs, and @cattipper) as well as on our DogTipper and CatTipper Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and Pinterest accounts, totally nearly 300,000 fans.

 Which days encompass the #PawPromise week?

 The Adoptable Pet posts go live on Sunday and are promoted through the following Saturday. All sales during that 7-day period result in a donation to your rescue.

 How can we share a success story?

 We love to hear success stories of pets who have found their forever homes thanks in part to our social sharing. Please email with your good news and we’ll share it with our followers!