About Us

About Us

We're Paris Permenter and John Bigley, a husband-wife team of writers--and the founders of PawZaar. We're proud pet parents to five rescue pets: dogs Barli and Tiki, and cats Inca, Lucky and Jetty. Each was adopted from a local shelter (although Jetty came to us via Austin Pets Alive from the Texas coast following Hurricane Harvey), and each has become a vital part of our family.

We want to put your passion for pets into words through our exclusive jewelry and accessories.

Although today our writing features pets but, for the past two decades, we traveled the world writing guidebooks to destinations ranging from the Cayman Islands to Cyprus. Wherever we were, we fell in love with the cats and dogs of the region. When we could only speak a few words of the local language, we knew that these four-legged residents always spoke the same language as our pets back home.

And we saw the power of pet connections when we'd share photos of our pets back home with local residents and fellow travelers--and they'd share their own furry family members with us. The bond between pet lovers is global.

In 2008, we made the switch from travel to pet writing and launched DogTipper, soon followed by CatTipper, both celebrating rescue pets.

But we wanted to do more. In 2015, we founded PawZaar, featuring jewelry that puts out passion for pets into words.

Today we love working surrounded by our pets who inspire us every day to celebrate the joy that rescue dogs and cats can bring.

Because we know rescue pets rescue us...