YUCKY PUPPY ™ Poop Bag Holder and Wet Bag for Dogs (Set of Two)

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You scoop the poop--but then what? Avoid walking through your neighborhood obviously carrying a full poop bag with the YUCKY PUPPY™ poop bag holder, exclusively from PawZaar.

Drop the full poop bag inside this zippered waterproof bag, and only your dog will know what you're toting until you reach the trash.

A snap loop makes it easy to attach the bag to any leash, your dog walking bag, pet stroller or belt. Each bag holds multiple filled poop bags.

This wet bag for dogs can also be used for wet tennis balls, half-chewed bully sticks, and all things yucky!

  • Set of TWO bags
  • PUL waterproof fabric
  • Zippered top
  • 7 inches wide, 6.25 inches tall
  • Machine washable
  • Every bag helps sponsor the care of a shelter dog!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Perfect for a Messy Puppy

Check out these yucky puppy bags! They are a must have for an adorable but messy dog like Orca. So versatile and necessary during rainy days.


This is such a great idea!
With two in a pack one was perfect for holing on to those used poop bags without having the carry them to the next poop bin!
The other was used to carry treats and even my phone while raining as it's completely waterproof!
Very impressed we love it

Such a great bag

This bag is super helpful and I love not having to carry dirty poop bags around. It's so easy to attach to their leash or your purse and Its so handy. We love our yucky Puppy Bag!

great solution

This is a great solution to carrying dog poop bag, where I walk there isn’t any waste bins around the walkway trails in the neighorbood and so like that I don’t have the carry the bag of poop in my hand, I can put it into the bag holder until I reach a waste bin to dispose of it. Happy with the purchase.

Such a great idea!

This Product Is so unique I don't think ive ever seen anything like this. I love it because it's so lightweight and holds up nicely. I love that you can stop and have a conversation with one of your friends and not have to worry about holding a poop bag until you get home. I also love that you could put a poop bag in it so it's ready to go if your dog goes just unzip the bag take out the poop bag and put it into the yucky puppy and you don't have to worry about it till you get home.