Paw Birthstone Floating Charms

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Add floating paw birthstone charms to your Paw Birthstone Locket to recognize every pet in your heart! These charms can be used in any floating charm jewelry.

    Charms are:

    • 7.2x8.3mm
    • nickel-free and lead-free

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    A perfect place to keep my dogs and kids close to me!!


    Paw Birthstone Floating Charms

    FLoating Charms

    Worked out fine. My wife liked it and was very impressed.

    Everyone what's my flooding necklaces it's my family plus my dog lol

    This is very different not the junk Amazon and stores carry its smooth and made well even my picky daughter loves it lol really we can made bracelet all day love but I feel the of of the help hands who made mine 3 of my Mother's Day gifts Ingave to each person who rescue a old dog they are not rich made my husband is' to happy as I hand off my best bracelet to a person who cares to bring in to their home a forever dog or cat so spend your money for the locket fill it with love don't lose it was think does trumps wife have one lol Margie Mi We have much flooding in our state take care of our earth be for its gone Gods coming for his animals soon lets stand together and close Puppy Mill down forever they are killing our dogs across this great countryWe have 4 coyote in back yard scares me the kill baby deer all night last night Dnr is not doing its job in Michigan

    Birthstone charms

    These charms are simply beautiful. You can get them for your current fur babies or to honor those you have passed through the rainbow bridge.