Redgee: Paw of the Day

Redgee: Paw of the Day

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How did your pet enter your life?

He was a kitten and I thought all red tabbies were male. I went to show him and the vet tech asked me how long I have been showing cats. I said, Oh, no not again! Well he turned out to be a she and she is a little rambunctious. She is my little monkey who is 10 now so she is my big monkey. She has attitude and does not liked to be messed with. Can't you tell by that look.

What's your pet's favorite activity?

Sleeping. Playing with her banana with catnip in it.

What would be your pet's dream vacation?

Laying on her back in her bed on a beach.

Does your pet have a nickname?


-submitted by Redgee's mom

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