by John Bigley July 27, 2016

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How did your pet enter your life?

My dear PUP was found as a stray and soon became a member of my family with my 5 kids. The kids grew up and left but Pup stayed by my side. With more little white fluffy dogs, we formed Pup's pack of Pet Therapy dogs and visit hospitals and severe head injury patients. Pup was my personal therapy dog while I recently battled breast cancer. I went into remission and PUP at 18 years old decided it was OK for him to take a rest. I will miss hugging that big hunk of fur for the rest of my life. I hope to buy a Cuddle Clone soon.

What's your pet's favorite activity?

Visiting people that were worse off than him and making them smile. Although he was blind and deaf, he still had a great sense of smell and loved to walk around. His favorite activity was spending the night by my bed on the floor guarding me.

What would be your pet's dream vacation?

When I thought Pup did not have much time left - 3 years ago- I loaded all the pack in my car and took a road trip to Florida. We stopped at all the dog parks along the way. Pup and I used to hang out down by the beach so we all slept there at night. I walked him on the paths we used to explore. He lasted 3 more years because in that time I had to battle breast cancer and he needed to be there for me. I am Ok now but Pup had to go.

Does your pet have a nickname?

Pup started out just Pup. My son asked me what I was going to name him when Pup grew up so it became PupDog.  After the kids left, I just called him Pup again.

-submitted by PUPDOG

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John Bigley
John Bigley


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