Moko: Paw of the Day

August 25, 2016

Moko: Paw of the Day

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How did your pet enter your life?

The father of a good friend found Moko by his house. She and several other cats would come to him for food, but the other cats were picking on her. He couldn't keep Moko himself, although I know he loved her (his wife was highly allergic to cats and was already on oxygen for other health issues). My friend couldn't take her since her very large dogs were cat aggressive. Moko fit right in at our house. She absolutely loves people and dogs, but doesn't like other cats.

What's your pet's favorite activity?

Moko loves cuddling and getting and giving love from the people and dogs in our family. When she's not cuddling she looks for a sun puddle to sleep in.

What would be your pet's dream vacation?

Anywhere I'm at!

Does your pet have a nickname?

Her name is Japanese, so we add the affectionate honorific at the end - Moko-chan. I also call her Miss Moko.

-submitted by Linda S.

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