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Kotoha: Paw of the Day

August 11, 2016

Kotoha: Paw of the Day

Your Pet's Name:


How did your pet enter your life?

Two days after the chaos of the fireworks on the 4th, I heard meowing on the other side of our fence - there is a shed in the neighbors' yard that is only about a foot from our fence and several feral cats have had litters there. My dogs were going nuts at the fence, so I went to check on the sound. I found two dead kittens (it appeared an animal of some type got to them) and one very tiny kitten just sitting almost against our fence, meowing. I reached down and picked her up. She couldn't have been more than 2-3 weeks old so I picked up kitten formula and have been feeding her and caring for her ever since. She's the sweetest - and most feisty and ornery - little kitten I've ever met. And I just love her already. It's been just ten days today and she's eating well and growing more every day. She's already very attached to me. I've never had a furbaby this young so it's been a new experience.

What's your pet's favorite activity?

Climbing all over me.

What would be your pet's dream vacation?

Anywhere with me.

Does your pet have a nickname?

She hasn't earned one - yet.

-submitted by Urdchan

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