by Grace Sydney June 21, 2018

In the Harry Potter movie franchise Hogwarts pupil Luna Lovegood could conjure up a Patronus charm which summoned her protective guardian animal. Now the star who portrayed the beloved Ravenclaw is urging all animal lovers to summon our courage and raise our voices for companion animals in desperate need of guardians to protect them-- cats and dogs in China who are in danger of dying during the annual Yulin dog and cat meat festival.

(ADVISORY: Images in the video, while not of a graphic nature, are very upsetting.)

Evanna Lynch's co-star in a Humane Society International PSA which raises awareness of the paws cause is Li, a charming tabby who was saved from the nightmare of the meat trade by Humane Society International's Chinese partner group, and today is happily lapping up the affection of her forever human and her new feline sibling in her new home in north London.

An avid animal advocate (and pet parent to a purring pal named Puff), the actress stated: "When I first found out that cats are also victims of Asia's deadly meat trade, it broke my heart. I love all animals, but cats have a special place I'm my heart so I was delighted to meet Li and see how she's put her distressing meat trade ordeal behind her."

Each year not only do 30 million dogs lose their lives due to the meat trade in Asia, 10 million cats also face their fate in the same horrific manner. Adding even more sorrow to the situation, many of the animals were family members stolen from the homes of those they love. The atrocities of the dog and cat meat trade is never more evident than during China's Yulin Dog Meat Festival, which will take place in this year from June 21 through June 30.

The Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Indonesia

Evanna Lynch is the latest in a long line of celebrities who have used their star wattage to help Humane Society International shine a spotlight on one of the darkest corners of the animal welfare world. Among the signatures on a letter to the President of Indonesia requesting an end to that nation's dog and cat meat trade are the names of more than 90 notables, with just a few listed below.

Rescued Dog

While people in the public eye have the ability to draw attention to a subject which makes many want to turn and look the other way, every name signed on a petition against the dog and cat meat trade is a sign that the world has taken note, and that the days of dog and cat meat for human consumption is coming to an end. To show your concern, you can sign Humane Society International's online petition to stop the Yulin dog meat festival in China , and the dog meat trade in Indonesia and you can make a donation so Humane Society International can continue the organization's missions of mercy.

Evanna Lynch and Li

Celebrities Who Have Called for an End to the Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Indonesia

Kristin Bauer van Straten
Kate Beckinsale
Josh Brolin
Pierce and Keely Brosnan
Holly Marie Combs
Simon Cowell
Courteney Cox
Whitney Cummings
Ellen DeGeneres
Dame Judi Dench
Cameron Diaz
Natalie Dormer
David Duchovny
Peter Egan
Scott Eastwood
Chelsea Handler
Helen Hunt
Elizabeth Hurley
Gus Kenworthy
Ricky Gervais
Tyrese Gibson
Dame Jane Goodall
Lucy Lawless
Tea Leoni
Leona Lewis
Joanna Lumley
Wendie Malick
Julianna Margulies
Ricky Martin
Brian May
Stephen Moyer
Paul O'Grady
Anna Paquin
Joaquin Phoenix
Denise Richards
Alicia Silverstone
Wilmer Valderrama
Goran Visnjic
Rick Wakeman
Owen Wilson
Rainn Wilson
Bellamy Young

Photos courtesy Humane Society International

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