Dexter: Paw of the Day

July 13, 2016

Dexter: Paw of the Day

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How did your pet enter your life?

Dexter was a puppy in an accidental litter of a Vizsla farm dog. My husband and I decided it was the right time to expand our family, and little baby Dexter crawled into our lives in 2010!

What's your pet's favorite activity?

BALLS. All day. Inside, outside. In the grass, in the pool. Dexter's mantra is "Ball is life."

What would be your pet's dream vacation?

Dexter's dream vacation would include a hike in the mountains (lots of birds and squirrels to check out!) followed by a nice swim in a lake - maybe even with some ducks to chase! All throughout, of course, would include lots of ball throwing and an endless supply of bully sticks.

Does your pet have a nickname?

Dexy Dog, Dooders, Mr. Handsome Face, Dexysaurus, Snuggle Butt

-submitted by Catie

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