Coco Chanel Bella: Paw of the Day

Coco Chanel Bella: Paw of the Day

Your Pet's Name:

Coco Chanel Bella

How did your pet enter your life?

I got Coco at the age of 9 weeks old weighing only 5 pounds. I got her from a champion show dog breeder. Coco's family are all champion show dogs. She is now 10 years old.

What's your pet's favorite activity?

She loves to play ball, go for walks and sleep!

What would be your pet's dream vacation?

Her dream vacation would be going to a Caribbean beach where dogs are allowed. She would love to just be able to run all over the beach off leash with all the other doggies.

Does your pet have a nickname?

Cocopuff, Cocobutter, Princess Coco

-submitted by Christine

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