Our New Paw of the Day Feature!

December 27, 2015

Our New Paw of the Day Feature!

 We're excited to launch a new Paw of the Day feature that we'll be sharing across PawZaar and our social media channels!

Every day, we want to feature one of YOUR pets! We'd love to hear how your pet came into your life and what makes your bond so special. Every day, we'll select one pet to feature here on PawZaar as well as on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter--a fun way to make your pet an Internet star for the day!

At the end of every month, we'll select one pet at random to win a $25 gift card to PawZaar for the goodies of your choice! The giveaway is open to readers around the globe, and you may enter each of your pets separately!

How to Enter

Please cut and paste the questions below into an email and send your answers, along with a photo of your pet, to Please use PAW OF THE DAY as your subject line. We can't wait to see your pets and hear about the ways they bring joy to each of you!

  • My pet's name:
  • Your location:
  • How did your pet come into your life?
  • When did your pet come into your life?
  • Tell us about your pet! What are his or her favorite things?
  • What's your ideal day with your pet? Do you like to travel together? Hang out and watch TV together?
  • Do you have a special animal rescue or shelter you'd like to mention?
  • If you have a Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram account you'd like us to tag, please include it.

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