by Paris Permenter April 30, 2018

Mother's Day is fast approaching, the perfect time to celebrate your favorite cat lover or yourself as a cat mom! Whether you opt for a gift or the gift of a special experience, take some time to celebrate the moms whose children have paws!

Shop for jewelry that shows your love of cats.

Even the most casual observer will pounce on the fact that the wearer of jewelry like our new Cat Face Aromatherapy Necklace holds a special place in her heart for all things feline.

Celebrate the birth months--or adoption months--of your fur family.

Like a "Mother's Ring" that proudly displays the birthstone of each human child, compile a Paw Birthstone Locket with a paw print birthstone for each cat--or include the two-legged members of your family, too. (Don't know your cat's birthday? We use our cats' adoption months for birthstones!)

Sponsor a shelter cat.

Every PawZaar purchase helps sponsor a shelter cat, whether that's by sponsoring the kennel he or she is residing in during the shelter stay or medical care to help get that cat up on her feet and adoptable. Check with your local shelter to see how you can help a shelter cat. Can you sponsor the care of a local cat while she waits for her forever home?

Plan a special day with your cat.

Close that computer and plan some activities for you and your cat to share. From grooming to wand play to an afternoon cuddling and watching a movie together, you and your cat can enjoy purposeful time together to celebrate the bond you share.

Wear your love on your sleeve.

Wear your heart on your sleeve--or at least your wrist--with a Paw Promise Bracelet, an engraved cuff bracelet that shows your love of pet rescue to all who walk by.

Make this Mother's Day a memorable one for all the cat moms in your life! Be sure to check out our Mother's Day Collection for more gift ideas for your favorite cat mom!

Paris Permenter
Paris Permenter


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